Marine Lupercale

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You could see there some of my digital compositions, mixing photographs, sculptures and paintings, made since 2008.
Art prints of all digital compositions are available worldwide, please ask for more information.


“This jar radiated, like a monstrous emerald which would imprison a frozen fruit with golden palms... [...] It was an indescribable vision, transparent and green, drenched with shade and sun, a remembered vision crossed by algae, reflections and masts, dancing seaweed, collapsed masts and lost reflections...”

This passage is taken from Monsieur de Bougrelon by Jean Lorrain, book at the origin of my fascination for jars and aquariums, their depths and plays of light. Then, microscopy gradually took a greater place in my works. A drop of milk, egg white, saliva or blood, a piece of skin, a few seeds, leaves, fungi, mosses, stagnant water, some bubbles or insects of all kinds become sources of my ramblings. Pictures of a floating world, carefully preserved in my cabinet of curiosities.

See some of my works in the group exhibition Artefact Paradou and other hells,
from July 1st to August 30th, 2020 at the  pavillion d'Adélaïde in Burlats.



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